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From November 2017 to present day. The drinks bags have been received
extremely well in the independent drinks retail market place. The four bottle beer and cider bags plus the innovative gin and tonic bags have been particularly well received. The Victorian vignette artwork has proved exceptionally popular in the 
blossoming UK gin market.


DRINKLS greetings cards are proving popular too, DRINKLS range of 8 gently humorous cards with the 'trademark' attached magnetic coasters have grown and grown in popularity and additional humorous gin cards have sold exceptionally well too.

The combination of innovative design work and unique point of sale offerings is also helping DRINKLS break into the wonderful farm shop and deli market place with a number of outlets already supplied and considerably more in the pipeline.

The new range of bags arriving mid-year will support stronger sales in this important and growing market place.

bags ident range 2019.png
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